Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Can I Possibly Say

So, I was helping Will fix his hair for school. He was asking if what he was wearing looked good. I was telling him how good he looked and how handsome he is... our typical morning ego boost (like he needs it). I asked him about the polo he was wearing.

Me: Are you going to want shirts like that for summer or t-shirts.
Will: I want shirts like this but make sure they have this part in the sleeves (pointing to the end of the sleeve with the part that is a bit tighter).
Me: O.K. Why?
Will: It sticks to my arms and makes me look huge.
Me: I think that means you need a bigger shirt.
Will: No Mom. When your shirt does that it means your arms are huge. It makes you look good.

So, my first grader is going to be one of THOSE guys. The ones I laugh at. You know, the ones that wear shirts that are too small so they look bigger. Karma can be cruel.


  1. Hahaha no he just takes after his uncle Clint hahaha! I love him soooo freakin much! I guess I need to go buy him some of those shirts haha!

  2. Oh my goodness this is so funny! BTW I laugh at those types of guys too. My last boss wore shirts like that and it grossed me out!