Thursday, February 24, 2011


And once again, it has been forever since my last post. I will fill ya'll in on the major stuff...

1. I started working. I now work part time (3 days a week) and go to school. This has been an interesting change to say the least.

2. We saw (another) new doctor concerning Ben. This one seemed to think that if we cut down on his feeds then he will eat more... NOPE. We go back next week to see what other brilliant ideas this man has to offer. So now, he isn't eating. He doesn't get enough calories from his feeds to help him grow and to top it all off - he has gone back to his old sleep habits. Or I guess, it should really be called lack of sleep habits. I am at a loss. I don't know what to do, who to see or how to deal with it all.

3. Will on the other hand is doing really well. He tried out for a part in the school play. He starts baseball in a few weeks and has decided he want to play football... I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

4. We started going to a new church. This is the first time, I have gone to a church that my parents didn't go also attend. I loved it. The kids had a great time and are so excited to go back.

5. We are dogless (again). The cute little Yorkie is now at a new home. I am sure he is much better off.

I feel like so much more has happened... but apparently, it must have not been too big of a deal.

Oh- there is one more thing


My baby brother and his wife are expecting their first baby at the end of September. I could not be happier! I love, love babies and love the fact that this one will not belong to me. All the fun, none of the work!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Since Christmas...

And once again, it has been a super long time since my last post. I will warn you now, this post in a little long and a lot random.

I hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a wonderful Christmas followed by 2 weeks of sickness. It has been so much fun at our house lately (insert sarcasm here). But, it appears that we are all finally over the funk. I am hoping so at least...

As a result of the colds/sinus infections we have all had, we had to take Ben to the doctor. It was there we learned he not only had a sinus infection but has also lost more weight. I am lost at this point. We went with the feeding tube over the summer to avoid this very thing. So, here we are back at square one. We have an appointment with a developmental pediatrician the 24th of this month. I am hoping she will be able to provide some answers. We will see. Until then, I am recording every single detail of his day in hopes that we will see a pattern to his days and his actions.

The spring semester has started for me. As I get closer to finishing, I find myself feeling very scared and overwhelmed of all that will be expected of me. I know teaching is what I want to do. I just hope that I will be successful at it. And with all the turmoil surrounding the school districts here, I am afraid I will not be able to find a job. In the meantime, I am just going to focus on my classes and take it all one step at a time.

My darling husband bought a new (used) truck. I realize most of ya'll don't know him and are probably thinking, "OK. So..." But those of you who do know him are sharing in my pain. This is the 3rd truck he has had in 5 years. We were so close to paying off the one he had! I didn't think the "New Baby" would bother me so much. And I do have to admit, it is a nice truck. I just felt like we were finally making some progress with our debt. Then he went and did this. I realize I could have put my foot down and told him, "No" but, it he works so hard... Either way, one of us is unhappy. Marriage is full of compromises.