Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Today, I will once again be participating in "Not Me Monday". This has quickly become one of my favorite "bloggy" things to do. I love it.

First off let me just remind you that I have been sick these past few days. Remember that before you go grab your phone to call child services.

It was not me who searched for and then played Lady Gaga songs for my precious two year old. I would never let my sweet and innocent child listen to this kind of music.

It was not me who did not get my child out of his pj's yesterday until almost 4 in the afternoon. It was me however, that did make sure his diaper was changed and he ate.

It was not me who layed on the couch and watched fore mentioned child unroll an entire roll of wrapping paper and then walk all over it to hear it make noise.

It was not me who accidently threw the lock for the gate in the big trashcan outside and then left a sticky note telling my husband to get it out. I would never do such a thing!

It was not me who tried to convince my child that he really did not want the last yogurt, that he would much rather have something else, anything else, candy even.

Then, it was so not me who ate the yogurt he did not finish. I have way more dignity than this.

It was not me who put off going to the grocery for three days. I would never let my pantry become so empty.

I hope this list of all the things I did not do makes you smile today and be glad that you would never do these things either.


  1. I have left them in pajamas so long that it was time to go back to bed (yes, all day). So we just put on clean pajamas.

  2. Love it!!! And if if makes you feel any better, it is NOT me who does those things when in perfect, but sleep deprived, health. Hop you feel beeter!