Friday, March 26, 2010

The Office

Favorite Fridays

Favorite TV Comedy Show:

Hands down, "The Office"

In my opinion, this might be the funniest TV show ever!! If you have never watched it, you have got to. It just reminds me of places that I have actually worked. They manage to take all the stereo types of working in an office and combine them into one office!

It is one of those shows you can quote and each time you do you laugh a little.

"Change is a bad thing, just ask the climate." -Michael Scott

You should go to Jen's page and play along. There are a few shows that others have posted, I just might have to watch!


  1. I never got into the office :( I think Im the only one

  2. Haha I definitely just LOLed at that quote! I do really love the Office as well (close second for me!) and I do cry in laughter when I watch it! (Omg a few weeks ago when Pam nursed the wrong baby...Seriously!)
    Thanks for playing :)