Thursday, March 11, 2010


It Thursday and you know what that means... "I Heart Thursday"

I heart that my windows are open.

I heart my quiet house, even if it is for just a few more minutes.

I heart Easter candy, been eating waaay too much of it.

I heart my full pantry, even though I don't heart going to the grocery store.

I heart the invention of hi-lights. My hair looks so much better.

I heart my husband and all that he does for our family.

I heart the notes Will wrote on my grocery list.

I hope ya'll are having a great day. One more day 'til the weekend. YAY!


  1. I wish my windows would open. I think there is probably 40+ years of paint on them.

  2. oh goodness, i love all your hearts!! Easter candy is the best kind!!! YUM!!! =)