Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Things I Can't Live Without

Two things I can't live without...

My Vacuum Cleaner
I can be a bit of a freak about my floors. I like them to
be clean. I vacuum at least once a day and sadly sometimes

My Washer and Dryer
This pretty much explains itself. I love clean clothes. I can't stand dirty clothes. I don't like them on my kids and I hate them in the laundry baskets. I don't know what I would do without my washer and dryer.

And just so you know these are the vacuum and washer and dryer I wish I used each day. The ones I actually use are not this cool.


  1. Love your picks..I vacuum daily too!!! And I am the same way about clothes...I drive my hubs crazy but my thought is if you wear it out of the house its dirty and I have to wash it!

  2. I love your picks!! I have that exact Dyson and that is my washer and dryer! I love it!

  3. What fun picks! Love your blog layout. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Oh, what would I do without my washer and dryer. :( It would be tragic. And we would be naked.

  5. I need a new washer/dryer desperatly. We bought ours used for $100, 7 years ago. It has had a long life but it is time move on.

  6. That was funny, my word verification for that last comment was bedhoti.