Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dollars and Sense

Will: Mom, I need a dollar. Can I have a dollar?
Me: I don't have a dollar.
Will: You probably don't have any cents either.
Me: Nope, you and Ben took care of all my sense too.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Wish I Hadn't Lost

This week's Wishful Wednesday topic is...

'I wish' .... I hadn't lost ______!!

This one really made me think. I have lost so many things over the years.

But, if there was one thing that I wish would show up tomorrow it would be the ring my daddy gave me.

My sophomore year of high school, I was having a terrible morning. I have no idea what was so bad. Whatever it was had me really upset. The rest of the day continued to go down hill. I called Daddy on my break and begged him to come get me. He said there was no way he could. Tearfully, I hung up the phone and finished the day. As always, he picked me up that afternoon. I started to cry as soon as I got in his truck. I tried to hide it. We rode home in silence. When I got home I went straight to my room. A few minutes later, daddy knocked on my door. I opened it and he handed me a little gift and left. I opened it. It was a ring! So pretty and such a sweet gift. The best was when I went downstairs to his office and asked him what it was for he just said, "You are my friend and you were having a bad day."

Link up with Kelsey and find your lost things!

Brotherly Love

I walked into the kitchen yesterday and Ben was on his hands and knees drinking out of the dog bowl. I told Will thinking he would find it funny. He looks at me and said "He does that all the time." So, apparently I have been missing this and Will just lets it happen. That is brotherly love.


Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post. I was really encouraged by them!

We heard from the Dr. today. After consulting with the pediatrician and Ben's OT, he feels like a G-tube is going to be the best option for Ben. I am feeling strangely calm about it. I mean, obviously, I am nervous. It is surgery. But, I feel like this is really the best option. We will meet with the nutritionist to determine the schedule for feeding and the amount. We will then consult with the surgeon to go over the details and schedule the surgery. I am sure I will be a basket case after this appointment. I know it will be hard to hear what will actually be happening. I also know this is what we need to do. For right now, we are just waiting to to schedule the consults. I am guessing some time in July is when it will actually be done.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where We Are

First of all, I want to apologize. I am sorry my last two posts have been about my child and his pottying. I am sure that most of you do not care about this and probably find it a little strange. In my defense though, a lot of the things I post are simply so that I will remember them. So again, I do apologize for the abundance of quotes from my children and strange stories of their behavior.

Now, I have been debating for some time on posting anything about what we are currently dealing with. In part because, it is just a lot to explain. In part because, I am not sure what the reactions will be and in part because it just makes it more real. But I am to the point now where I am desperate. I need support, advice and prayers.

Ben, my youngest, is 2. He will be 3 in October. When he was about a year old I began to worry about his development. I did not feel he was where he should have been in many areas. I contacted Tennessee's early intervention system (TEIS). They came to the house and tested Ben to find out what services, if any, he needed. While, TEIS was doing their thing, he was diagnosed by our pediatrician as "failure to thrive". This is a blanket diagnose basically means that for some reason he is not thriving. With the onset of this diagnoses, we were sent for lots of tests. He was tested for cystic fibrosis, genetic disorders, heart problems and we saw and endocrinologist. All the tests came back negative and he was cleared by all the doctors except the endocrinologist. We would see him again in 3 months. We also received the results from the TEIS tests. He had delays in his fine and gross motor skills and speech. The delays were significant enough to qualify him for services. Then when I mentioned his diagnoses, I found that this alone would qualify him services from TEIS. He started with them. A teacher started coming to our house one day a week and Ben started going to feeding group once a week. With the help of his wonderful teachers and OT he is now almost completely caught up in all areas. However, he is not growing. We have watched him slide from the tenth percentile down to the third right off the chart.

In November, we saw the endocrinologist. He was put on medication to increase his appetite. It was a fight to get him to take it. It did not work. With the Dr.'s Okay, we stopped using it. He did gain almost a pound from November to his follow up in March. We were all thrilled. We went back for another appointment on Monday. He lost 1.6 pounds. My two year old now ways 20.0 pounds. He weighs less now than he did in November. We have exhausted all options. He just will not take in enough calories. For some reason, he doesn't eat. He never has been a great eater but now it is terrible. So, with all things taken into consideration, we are looking into a feeding tube.

I realize that this is an extreme measure. But, we are to the point we are out of options. He can't continue to lose weight. He has got to grow. It is not healthy for a child to lose weight like this. He is in 12 month clothes, the same 12 month clothes as last summer. I am tired of fighting about eating with him. I am tired of going days where he eats a few crackers and dip. I need help. From what I have researched, in cases like Ben's, once the child catches up they take off and have no further problems. He needs to gain at least 10 pounds and I don't see that happening without outside help. My thought now, is that we just need to do what we have to do. I feel like it will only get harder the older and further behind he gets.

I realize this is a super long post and if you have made it to the end, thank you for reading. I just ask that you pray whatever needs to be done will be done and that it will be successful. Please know that my child is perfectly fine in every other way. He is as funny as he can be. His personality is huge. He plays and laughs. He loves dirt and lawn mowers. He just isn't growing. I am not posting this for sympathy. I know that this is very minor compared to what some people are facing with their children. I realize that many of you will read this and think, is that all. I know that many of have faced, are facing or know someone who has been through much worse. This is just a big part of my life right now and I just really needed to share what is going on in our lives.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Adventures in Potty Training

Yesterday, I go to pick up my precious Ben from school. As always, I get his sheet and glance at it before I get him. I immediately notice a rather long note. I expect the worst. As I begin to read, I am not sure at all what to do. Do I laugh or run away in embarrassment...

Ben had an accident during nap. Apparently though, he knew it was coming. He managed to move his blanket, sheet and cow off his mat onto the floor before he peed on his mat. Why he would go to all this effort instead of just going to the potty is beyond me. However, he was very proud of himself. When I got into the classroom, I asked about the change of clothes he was wearing. He proudly told me, "My pee-peed on my mat but not my heavy blanket or cow! My put them on the floor." Way to go Ben. Way to go.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Only My Child

Once again, I am amazed by children. Today we went to the sprinkler park. Will had a blast. Ben was not so sure about the water. He liked it for a minute and then he was happy just sitting and watching everything. He finally decided he wanted to go play. As I stand up to accompany him on his journey, he says "You stay here". I think, sure thing buddy. Off he goes. He ends up on the other side of the sprinklers from me. For a while he just stands and observes. I notice him pulling at the draw string of his pants. I start running. I knew what was coming. Before I could get to him, his pants are down around his ankles and he is peeing! Right there for everyone to see. I grab him up and put him behind the nearest bush. In the process of doing this, we lose his shorts completely. So, as he finishes, I go back to get the shorts (Seriously like 10 feet). I then see my child running around with no clothes! He is laughing like it the funniest thing ever. I am just trying to catch him. I finally capture him and get him clothed. During this whole fiasco, there is a crowd of parents dying laughing and waving. Then, they cheer when I catch him. I guess if it weren't me I would be doing the same thing. It is always funny when it isn' your child.

When I Get Older...

The other day Ben comes to me and says, "When I get older I am going to have a tail like Moosie's." (Moose is our Yorkie.) Not sure how this is going work but, he seemed pretty sure about it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Not Feeling It

Me: Will, you need to get in the bath.
Will: I can't.
Me: Why? What is the problem?
Will: I'm just not feeling bathy.

And once again, I am lost for words.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Really, Skulls?

Yesterday I decided that I would take the boys on a few errands with me. We survived Hobby Lobby which lead me to believe Old Navy would be no problem. Wrong! We walked in and were immediately standing in front of a huge bin of balls. Will rushes over and Ben begins frantically trying to escape from the stroller. We some how manage to navigate through this first obstacle and back to the boys clothes where we are faced with an entirely different obstacle... trying to find Will clothes. Here is an example of what I am up against,

Yes, this is the shirt my sweet Will just had to have.

This was my choice. I tried to convince him it was funny and still cool. But, what does a mom know? I then remind him that we are here to find a polo. We move from the tee table only to find, drum roll, more skulls on the polos! Why, why, why? And again, my sweet Will picks this,

At one point, the words, "Will, there are just some places it is not appropriate to wear skulls.", actually came out of my mouth. I may be missing something but I just do not get the appeal of wearing skulls. I mean, if you think about it, you are wearing the remains of a dead body. I find it to be gross and a bit on the scary side. Then again, I wear cardigans...
We finally compromise, one skull tee and one not skull polo. Then, after a quick stop at the mens', we are off to the cash wrap. This is where it really gets ugly. While we are paying Ben grabs the pile of gift cards set by the register. I tell him to put them down. He does. Only, his version of putting them down consists of throwing the entire stack all over the counter and the floor.
I now remember why I don't take them shopping and why I carry the spanking spoon in my purse.