Monday, March 15, 2010

Not I

It was not me who fed my child pizza almost every meal this weekend. I am always sure to offer only the most nutritionally sound meals to my children.

It was not me who broke my toe trying to step over toys instead of picking them up. I would never be so lazy.

It was not me who took all the hot water knowing my husband had to shower too. I could never be so selfish.

It was not me who ate an entire box of girl scout cookies in one day. I am way more health conscious than that.

It was not me who ran out of my deodorant and had to use my husband's.

It was not me who cleaned out the fridge and threw away the leftovers, containers and all. I am not wasteful and would never do such a thing. That is just throwing money away.

It was not me who washed the potty in the dishwasher*. That is just disgusting.

*There were no dishes present in the potty washing session of the dishwasher. Give me some credit.

Head on over to MckMama's page and play along, not that any of you would have anything you might want to confess! Have a great Monday. I hope that ya'll are having an easier time adjusting to the time change than I am. It seems to get harder every year.


  1. i dont believe you would do any of those things...not my sister-in-law haha! no way!

  2. I love it! My oldest would eat pizza all day everyday if allowed! I am a mexican food freak and could live for Taco Bell! Sorry to hear about your toe. Did you have to go to the ER for it?

  3. I love all of these and can totally relate to each one of them! Love the husband deodorant - I've never done that either. Have a great week! I hope your toe is okay.