Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top Two- Baby Names

Over at the Undomestic Momma, it is once again time for "Top Two Tuesday". I love this week's topic, Top Two Baby Names. I mean how perfect is this! Weather you have kids or not, every girl has her favortie baby names. Here are mine,

Elisabeth, call her Ellie
Margret, call her Maggie

Charles, call him Huck

Obviously, I like names that can be shortened. Both my boys go by shortened versions of their "real" names. In fact, with Ben, I picked Ben first and then picked a "real" name that could be shortened into Ben. I know that is so backwards but that is just what happened.

I am looking foward to reading all of your favorite names. I hope ya'll have a great day!


  1. I'm pretty sure Clinton will kill you if you use Huck haha! Ive always thought you should use Elizabeth, too! I love Maggie..its on my short list :)

  2. cute names! I always wanted a little girl named Margo!

  3. I always said that I would name my little girl Eleanor "Ellie" Louise (Louise, after my grandmother) but when it got close to knowing if this one was a girl, we just weren't feeling like Ellie would fit for us. So we searched and came up with Adeline (Addie).
    I too like names that can be shortened.... both my boys names can be shortened and any name that we think of for this one has had a short name too.

  4. I love Ellie and Maggie....pretty sure that I will never get to use any cute girl names though. I only have one now, but if I have more I assume that they will be ALL boys :)

  5. Cute names! Hope you have a great week!