Thursday, March 4, 2010

Potty Problems

I could not really find a way to tie potty training in to my "I heart" post. Mostly, because I do not "heart" potty training. I don't remember it being this difficult with Will but, maybe I just don't remember it at all. As most of you know, form a few posts back, Ben showed an interest in being potty trained. He told me he had to go and went. He did really well for three days and now just doesn't care. He wants a diaper on instead of big boy pants. When he does want to wear big boy pants he will come and tell me he needs a diaper instead of going potty. To top it all off, last night he wanted to sleep in big boy pants. So, of course I let him. He calls for at 4this morning. I go in there and he tells me he needs a diaper. The child woke up because he had to potty! He is so ready. Why he won't actually use the potty anymore is beyond me.

I was wondering if any of you had any advice. Everything I have read says "don't push it". I just don't want him to lose interest in the potty totally. I am afraid if he does then it will be that much harder when it is time that he has to be trained.


  1. I took a week off from work and just wouldn't let Bryce have a diaper except for night time. We also would give him m&m's if he pottied and would not allow any other candy during this time. He does pretty well but is horrified of public restrooms!

  2. Ella loved popsicles, so every time she would use the potty she would get one. You just got to figure out what makes him tick. And your right don't push it, my Dr. told me that he hasn't seen a kid go to college in diapers yet... so they eventually all get it.

  3. Each child is different and I am no expert on it but I have always seen the signs that they were ready and then out of the diapers they came. I did lots and lots of laundry but it only last for a week and then they caught on. I found both times that pull-ups didn't work, It only confused my boys. Daniel didn't like the idea of having big boy underwear on either but I kept going and he got it eventually. David had no problem with the switch, he went right along and in less than a week he was potty trained.
    Good Luck next year at this time you will be thinking back at how fast it all went by.