Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hearts and more

I am participating in this weeks I "heart"... at You and Me Plus Three. Go there now to add yours and read others!!

It is Thursday. We have made it through another week. I don't know about ya'll but this has been a hard week at our house. Will is on spring break and so we are out of our routine. Add to that the time change and we are just a mess!

My hearts this week are:

I heart that spring break is almost over. (Does this make me a bad mom?)

I heart my new straightener. No more holding it at an angle for it to get hot.

I heart the pictures hanging on my fridge made by my boys.

I heart the dinner my mom brought tonight. Sometimes you just need your mom.

I heart the Sunday school class I have recently joined.

I heart that my big project is done for the semester.

I heart our new remote.

I heart that it will be 70 and sunny tomorrow.

Oh- and one more thing...
Will was playing a game on the computer.
Will: "MOM! I own this game."
Me: "What do you mean own it? It is a computer game."
Will: "No, like they gave me the whole thing, the whole website!"
Me: "What? Why do you think that?"
Will: "Every time I win it says, 'You have won Funbrain' "

I love his logic!


  1. Cute hearts! Mom's are the best when we need them! It's supposed to be warm where I live too...I can't wait :o)

  2. What kind of straightener did you get? I need a new one.

  3. I especially Heart that you heart the Sunday school class you have recently joined. That makes me happy ;)