Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weekend

I hope that ya'll had a lovely weekend. Our's had its moments. We had Will's basketball banquet Saturday. It was fun and he got a trophy, which we all know is the only reason to play any sport. Then, I left the boys with my mom so that I could go with Matt to the doctor. He has been sick for a while and waited until Saturday afternoon to decide he needed to be seen. Of course by then, the doctor's office was closed and he had to go to the minor med*. Three hours and a shot later, we came home. It rained yesterday and we were all able to get some much needed rest.

I am looking foward to this week. Everyone is done with spring break. I am ready to get back into some sort of routine. We just all seem to function better that way.

*Side Note- Matt has been sick since last Wednesday. I told him Thursday that he needed to go to the doctor. He didn't. He said he was fine. Saturday rolled around and he was still not feeling well. I told him he should go ahead and go to the doctor before they closed at 12. Again, he said he was fine. So what happened? He calls me at 1 and says he needs to go to the doctor! Why does he do this? Do any of ya'll's husbands do things like this or is it just mine?


  1. My husband drives me nuts doing this. Oh I am sick, so go to the doctor. Nah, it's not that bad. But they sure do like to mope around and let you know that they are sick! But if I'm sick!? I have to be at the doctor asap to make sure that I am not contagious or something!

  2. I spent a few hours in the urgent care center in Louisville this weekend with fun. Ken is the total opposite, he wants to go to the doctor immediatly when he feels sick. I usually try to talk him into waiting it out.