Monday, February 1, 2010


As Ben begins to talk (and talk and talk), I really want to remember all the little things he says before he loses that baby talk. I did not write down any of the cute little things Will said and I am really wishing I had. I have now forgotten all of the little toddler words and phrases he had. So, in order to avoid the same mistake with Ben, I am going to record them on my blog. I know that very few of you care what my child calls various things but, I want to remember them and I am convinced this is the only way. Please excuse this totally mommy moment...

pupckaes = cupcakes
nanooks = fingers
ice pickles = icicles
nassy's juice = grape juice
bobo = his "lovey"
lipes = wet wipes

While I am at it, I am also going to list a few of his favorite things. Again, please bear with me on this.

Right now ,at 28 months, his favorite things are
toy cars
any type of lawn equipment (mowers, blowers, etc.)

He loves to
read and be read to
help mommy cook and clean
look at pictures of himself
have his picture taken
play with brother
"work" with his tools and "fix" things

His favorite people are
Bubba (my dad)
Pops (Matt's dad)
Nana (Aunt Ana)

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  1. awww I'm in love with that boy, and of course Will too, dont forget wills toddler words-"Mamer and E"