Friday, February 5, 2010

7 going on 17

This is a little late but, I am just now getting a chance to tell ya'll about it.

Wednesday we went to Target. Will always asks to get something and of course that day was no exception. What was surprising was what he wanted to get. Normally, he wants a toy. Today he wanted deodorant and body wash!! I am a bit confused by this being that he is 7 but, I am going to listen.

Me: "We have soap at home."
Will: "It is for babies. I need manly soap."
Me: "o.k. but, I don't think you need deodorant.
Will: "Yes I Do!!"
Me: "Why"
Will: "To kill the bacteria under my arms and because my pits stink."

At this point I am stifling laughter.

Me: "O.K. We will go get some"
Will: "I need the Axe kind. I also need a 'leaf' (loofah).
Me: "Why"
Will: "So I will be extra clean."

After about 15 minutes spent smelling every Axe scent and me getting over the shock at what it says on the bottle, we are ready to go. As he is proudly holding his new grooming products on the way to check out, I hear him say, "ALL the ladies will want me now."

I am worried about this. Like I said earlier, he is 7. What will 17 be like?


  1. OMG!! I just died laughing! This is priceless maegan!

  2. I laughed when I read this only because I see this day around the corner with my oldest!