Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why, Why, Why

What a lovely morning we had (sarcasm). Sometimes, I wonder what the heck my kids are thinking when they do things or maybe they just aren't thinking. They can't be. That has to be it. Otherwise, why on earth would they do what they do?

For example, this morning Ben woke up and ran in to see his brother. Aww, I was thinking, how sweet. He loves his brother. It wasn't two seconds later, they are fighting. Ben had gone to see his brother just to irritate him. Then, in retaliation Will goes and gets one of Ben's toys, just to hear Ben scream. I play referee for a minute get them settled and go back to finish getting ready.

Then, Will yells, "MOM!!! Look what your son did". I go in the living room and Ben has gotten a bag of popcorn, from the trash none the less, has dumped it out and is stepping on the popcorn. Why he felt like this was a good thing to be do, I have no idea. So , at 8:25 this morning when we should have been walking out the door, I was vaccuming popcorn pieces out of the carpet.

And in between the fighting and the popcorn there was a struggle over what Will was going to wear. This child has a very unique fashion sense. This morning, he wanted to wear his basketball jersey to school. I tell him O.K., thinking he will put a shirt on under it. Nope. We spent a good 10 minutes going back and forth on why this was not appropriate for school. He finally decided on an Under Armour shirt. Great...

I am hoping that this morning is not an indication of how our evening will go.


  1. We had THAT morning yesterday! I was ready for some kickboxing after that but nope, had to work. Hope your day gets better!

  2. We have a struggle over clothes almost every morning... I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until they were teenagers.

  3. Sounds like a morning we would have here at our home! And the clothes.....what is it with them?? I didn't think boys would be so worried about what they wore and this early too! Daniel is the same way and it takes lots of persuading to settle on a choice.