Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Weekend in Review

This weekend in review...

Friday night Matt and I and the boys went to eat. I said that I did not care where we went (I was just happy I didn't have to cook). Matt decided on Dixie Cafe of all places. We ended up having a really good time. Usually, when we go out to eat it is a miserable experience. Ben is constantly trying to get up, Will complains and something is always spilled. This night was different. We ate our meal and then even sat and talked after we ate!!! There is hope.

Saturday morning, Will had a basketball game (they won). My mom took us to breakfast after it which was not nearly as pleasant as the night before. We did have a good time though. I think my kids entertained the senior citizen community that was there.

Saturday night, I had a girls night. My sister and I took my mom to see Dear John for her birthday. Let me just tell you that I was really disappointed. It may just be me. I typically do not like Nicholas Sparks and this time was no exception. I would love to hear what those of you who have seen it thought about it. I will admit however that it was worth it to look at Channing Tatum for 2 hours. He is beautiful.

Today, Matt worked. He has quite a bit to catch up on since the weather has been so bad. The boys and I just hung out at home. Then tonight, we went to the in-laws for Matt's dad's birthday. We had a great time. Ben and Presley were too funny playing together. It is so much fun to see them growing up together.

I hope ya'll had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week!



  1. Thats right WHO DAT! I was sooo excited! I had fun hanging out last night! By the way...I need an updated pic of the boys. I found one of Wills school pics...and he's 5! Also I have none of Ben!

  2. I was also disappointed with Dear John. Horrible ending and just not as sad as I was hoping. I hear the book was better. And yes he is beautiful.