Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Me...

I have not done a "Not Me" Monday post in a while. I am not sure why it has been so long. I do love telling everyone all the things that I have not and will not ever do.

It was not me who had a panic attack when the power cord to the computer would not work yesterday. I would never be so dependant on technology.

It was not me that told my husband we needed to go get a new computer rather than the simple new power cord solution. I would never over react like this.

It was not me who said I was so worried about the computer problem because of my school work, while secretly trying to figure out how I was going to check facebook and my read my blogs.

It was not me who painted my nails outside, in the front yard, while my child played. I would never do anything like that. I have much more class than that.

It was not me who let little Ben have cookies and milk for breakfast. I am much more concerned about what my children eat.

It was not me who said to my children, "DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT EACH OTHER. If I see you touch, look at, speak to or make a face at your brother, YOU WILL BE IN TIME OUT!" I would never say anything like this. This is something my mother would have said.

It is not me relieved to see Monday. I love spending time with my kids and would never be dancing on the inside as I get them ready for school.

I hope that ya'll have a great week!


  1. Love it! I love reading your not mes.

  2. I would never over react to computer problems either.