Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No Body's Business

I took Will to the doctor this morning. His allergies have been really bad and I was afraid he had a sinus infection. Turned out there was no infection just really bad allergies. The doctor gave us two sample medications to try. One was an allergy tablet and the other a nose spray. The doctor administered the first does of spray before we left the office to show me how to do it. On the way home, Will randomly says to me, "I know one thing. That nose spray works! I am breathing like no body's business!"


  1. hahaha, Tis the season for horrible allergies! I have to take David next week to the allergist and see what he is allergic to and if he needs weekly shots. They said the appoinment will be 4 hours long! Oh fun! He is currently on Singulair and Allegra but it isn't touching his symptoms at all.
    Good luck, I hope you guys have better luck than we have had!

  2. We have bad allergies here too. The nose spray does help, but Ella does not like to use it.

  3. that is too funny!! cannot wait to see yall again soon.... I hope he is feeling better...