Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I fear I may soon be replaced. My husband has fallen in love, with the DS. Yes, it is true. After all the comments that were made about how bad video games are for kids, we ate our words. Will got a DS for Christmas. Of course, he has enjoyed it. The rest of us have pretty much left it alone... until today. This afternoon, for some reason, Matt started playing it and he is still playing it. It is actually a surprising bonding tool. Will has gotten a kick out of encouraging Matt and helping him. His exact words were, "I have 1,025 faith in you Matty. Let me play when you get past the hard part."

This morning I was left with no car seat. I had to call my mother in law and borrow hers. While we were waiting for her to get here, I made the comment that we were getting another seat tonight. I was talking to myself when I said this, so imagined how surprised I was when I picked Ben up and he asked when we were going to get his new seat. Matt and I took him with us to get one and when we got home he just sat in it saying, "This my new seat." Who knew he would be so excited about a car seat.

I am so thankful for my children. While I am sitting here writing these things about our day, I just keep thinking of all the wonderful things they each do everyday. I could write and write and still not be able to get them all down. I am thankful for how different they are.

I am thankful for my Will and the way he is so thoughful and compassionate. He is my child that will notice when I am upset or frustrated and pat my back and tell me, "It will be okay Mom." He is my baby that called me his "mommy princess" when I said I could not wear a dress because it was for a princess. He gets my humor and likes going starbucks. He is my thoughful child. He can be a bit of a worrier. He has a slight obsession with all things hunting related. It has been such an amazing expierience to watch him grow and change. I can't wait to see what great things he will do in his life.

I am also thankful for all the ways Ben is different from Will. We are just begining to get a look into his personality but I can already tell we are going to be in for a wild ride with this one. He has no fear and is such a charmer. He has this little smile that just makes me melt. I am so excited to see him grow. I know that we will be in for a bit of challenge with him but I am am ready. I know that the end product will be something so incredible.


  1. Hey I'm glad u used those pics somewhere! They are super cute! We had fun that day