Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Calm before the Storm

So, I feel like I have been MIA from here for a few days. Truth be told, there has just been nothing really blog worthy going on in my life as of late. We haven't had any birthdays, no really funny moments, no really traumatizing moments, nothing. It has just been life as usual at the Pair home, which brings to mind how nice it has been. Don't get me wrong, I love my life when is is crazy and unpredictable, but I also love the lulls in between. It is nice to have a period of time when there are no major decisions to made, no major battles to wage, when things, for the most part, go as planned. We go and come home, eat and go to bed. I know that it is not at all exciting or enviable but, it is times like these that allow me time to think and to breath and time to really enjoy my family and realize how blessed I am.

I am sure that now that I have acknowledged our nice break that something will happen. Someone will get sick and have to go to the doctor, something will come up and Matt and I will disagree, something will go wrong but, I will be ready.

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