Thursday, June 3, 2010

Really, Skulls?

Yesterday I decided that I would take the boys on a few errands with me. We survived Hobby Lobby which lead me to believe Old Navy would be no problem. Wrong! We walked in and were immediately standing in front of a huge bin of balls. Will rushes over and Ben begins frantically trying to escape from the stroller. We some how manage to navigate through this first obstacle and back to the boys clothes where we are faced with an entirely different obstacle... trying to find Will clothes. Here is an example of what I am up against,

Yes, this is the shirt my sweet Will just had to have.

This was my choice. I tried to convince him it was funny and still cool. But, what does a mom know? I then remind him that we are here to find a polo. We move from the tee table only to find, drum roll, more skulls on the polos! Why, why, why? And again, my sweet Will picks this,

At one point, the words, "Will, there are just some places it is not appropriate to wear skulls.", actually came out of my mouth. I may be missing something but I just do not get the appeal of wearing skulls. I mean, if you think about it, you are wearing the remains of a dead body. I find it to be gross and a bit on the scary side. Then again, I wear cardigans...
We finally compromise, one skull tee and one not skull polo. Then, after a quick stop at the mens', we are off to the cash wrap. This is where it really gets ugly. While we are paying Ben grabs the pile of gift cards set by the register. I tell him to put them down. He does. Only, his version of putting them down consists of throwing the entire stack all over the counter and the floor.
I now remember why I don't take them shopping and why I carry the spanking spoon in my purse.


  1. I completely agree about the skulls. You have no idea how many times I have thought to myself..."Really, skulls? You are too cute and too sweet of a child to be wearing such a scary shirt." Good compromise, because skulls on a polo...I mean what ever happened to a polo player or a cute little animal. I don't understand why they make those for boys. I think it's just to drive moms crazy.

  2. Omg I love the spanking spoon that is to funny and just made my day :)

  3. Flip-flops work also as a paddle. I have used mine many times when I don't have a belt.
    The skull thing must be the age because Daniel is the same way. He wanted a skull shirt once but I was lucky and he settled for skull flip-flops. When he wears them you can't see the skulls and they rub off quickly too.

  4. Hahah! Sweet Will and his not-so-sweet skull shirts! Lord, I'm not looking to the days when Presley starts throwing out her opinion on her wardrobe!