Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Adventures in Potty Training

Yesterday, I go to pick up my precious Ben from school. As always, I get his sheet and glance at it before I get him. I immediately notice a rather long note. I expect the worst. As I begin to read, I am not sure at all what to do. Do I laugh or run away in embarrassment...

Ben had an accident during nap. Apparently though, he knew it was coming. He managed to move his blanket, sheet and cow off his mat onto the floor before he peed on his mat. Why he would go to all this effort instead of just going to the potty is beyond me. However, he was very proud of himself. When I got into the classroom, I asked about the change of clothes he was wearing. He proudly told me, "My pee-peed on my mat but not my heavy blanket or cow! My put them on the floor." Way to go Ben. Way to go.