Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, I have some super exciting news!

My baby sister is engaged!!! I am so ridiculously happy for her. She has found a great guy and I couldn't be happier that he will be joining our family.

It doesn't seem possible that she is old enough to get married. I can remember when we were little, I thought she was so annoying and I could not stand her. Now, she is my best friend. I am so very proud of the person she has become. I love you little one and I am so very, very happy for you!


  1. Congrats to your sis! YAYAYAYAY

  2. haha well I am so glad you don't think I am annoying and that you can finally stand to be around me! :) I will say, I am still not opposed to you throwing candy down the hall, and I am still happy to chase after that candy at any time. :) Love you dearest sister of mine. I shall miss your sweet presence while I am away this summer, however your smiling face will be ever present in thought, and I shall draw my strength from the joy of seeing you again.