Friday, May 28, 2010

Joys of Summer

Wow! We made it.

That is really all I can say about this week. Will started summer Monday. So, we have all been home. I have been playing referee all week. I really feel like a need a good whistle and a strong penalty box. The first days of anything new are hard, even if it is something good. Summer break is no exception. We are finally all adjusting to the new routine and I am hoping that it will only get better.

I decided to go hard core on the potty training with Ben. Lately, before he uses his diaper he has been checking with me to make sure he is, in fact, wearing a diaper and not big boy pants. I figure, if he is doing this he is so ready... he just needs to man up. He has been doing really well and so far we haven't had any accidents. Keep your fingers crossed.

We had our first summer stomach bug this week too. That is always fun. The only good thing is, I got my house clean yesterday so we can play today! We are going to go to the park and play, play, play, have a picnic and hopefully come home and take a good nap.

I hope ya'll have a lovely weekend!

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