Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers' Day and such

We had a pretty good weekend... all things considered.

Friday night Will had a late game. We went do dinner and "The Cheese Incident" took place. We recovered from that and after a much needed trip to Starbucks to calm my nerves, we headed to the game. Will had a great game, the team not so much. They lost (again) but played better than they ever have. I am hoping they are on their way... Then Will was off to his dad's for the weekend. Matt, Ben and I went home and went to bed!

Saturday was a wonderfully lazy day. Matt got up early to go work. Ben and I had a super laid back morning. We met my mom and sister for an early lunch and came home a took a nice nap. Matt came home and we sat with Ben and just talked for a while. By then, I was getting hungry and still had to run errands. As we were leaving, Matt said he would come with us and that he would take me to eat for an early Mothers' Day. We went to Target and got the boring stuff. On the way out, I stopped at the clothes and this cute little skirt I have been looking at was on sale. So, I bought it. I just wish it had been warm enough to wear it yesterday. Next, it was time to eat. Matt said I could pick. I picked a sandwich shop, Jimmy John's. I am a girl with simple taste. It is my favorite and he normally won't go there. We came home and gave Ben a bath. Then as I was putting him to bed, he decided he was going to climb on the fire place. He fell and now has a HUGE scrape going all the way down his back. Bless his heart, it looks painful. Once he calmed down from the fall, he fell asleep and I painted my nails and got to watch SNL. For any of you that missed it, HILARIOUS. Betty White was too funny!

Yesterday was super busy. Will came home early and we went to Matt's parents for lunch. Then we came home for a while before meeting my parents for dinner. No one had a nap yesterday. By the end of dinner, we were all at the end of our rope and ready to be home. After the boys had the bath, we all watched "19 Kids and Counting". For some reason, I love that show. Then, everyone fell asleep relatively easy and I was able to get to bed early too!

This week, we have Ben's transition meeting. I am anxious to see what they will say and where he will be. If you think about it, say a prayer that it will work out the way it needs to and that Ben will continue to develop on target, whatever the outcome of the meeting.

I hope ya'll have a great week! Summer is almost here!


  1. Hope Ben's back will be better soon! Poor little guy!

  2. Praying that Ben will get a good report!

    And yes SNL was so funny.