Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. We are finally adjusting to the grow button. We have mastered feeding in public and are on a good schedule. Ben is back to his old self. Will isn't wierded out by it all anymore. And, drumroll please... BEN IS SLEEPING ALL NIGHT!!!!

2. Will started karate class. He thinks he is a regular Jackie Chan now. I am just hoping it will help with discipline. It definitely couldn't hurt. It is a very structured environment, lots of "Yes sir". I see it being a really good thing for him.

3. We finally got some rain! We desperately needed it, not just for the grass but, it cooled things off a bit as well. Can I just say, I am so ready for fall! I am over summer and its heat.

4. School starts in 2 weeks!! I must say I am ready. I am a Type A personality. I thrive on structure and routine. I am looking foward to getting back into a routine. I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that my Baby Will is going to start 2nd grade! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.

5. I have been on a major de-cluttering spree. Yesterday, I went through the boys closets. I cleaned them out and got rid of a lot of things. Today, I am hoping to tackle the toys. This is going to prove to be a bit more of a challenge seeing that they are here. We will see how far I get with this one. This might have to wait until they are back in school.

6. Matt and I discovered yesterday that we have an infestation of army worms. They are these little caterpiller looking things that kill your grass. Our backyard has these big brown patches where these little boogers have helped themselves to our grass. I am now grossed out and while they can't hurt us, I don't want the kids in the backyard until they are gone!

7. I took Will shopping to get a few things for school the other day. You will never guess what he picked out. The child wanted to get skinny jeans and a vest! There just isn't much to say about that. I mean some guys, older than 8, can pull that off. We just aren't there yet.

8. Ben has been dressing himself lately...

9. I have been with Ben all day and all night for 3 weeks straight. As much as I love the kid, I would like just a few hours alone. Maybe soon...

10. I have realized in the past few weeks how very blessed I am. I have a wonderful family and great friends who really care about us. They have all been so helpful. It is just sad that somethimes it takes a struggle or a very difficult time in life to see how blessed we really are.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Thats Great Im glad hes adjusting and everythings going well. Thats really funny about the skinny jeans

  2. Sleep is so wonderful! Bryce sleeps all night but wakes up between 530 and 630 every.single.day.since.he started sleeping through the night. A little later would be nice at least once.

    I took karate, all the way until brown belt. It was so much fun.