Saturday, September 4, 2010


Oh my! It has been so long since I have posted anything. The absence has been due to technical difficulties. We were having a problem with our aircard. In order for it to work, I had to hold it at a weird angle which only left me with one hand for typing and such. As much as I love ya'll, I was just not willing to type with one hand. I am just not that talented. We now have a new aircard and all is well.

There has not really been too much going on around here. Will is well into second grade and loving it. Ben has started back to "school" too. He goes two days a week. It has been so good for him. He has a great time and his teachers are wonderful. They have been so patient with Ben (and me) as we transition back into a routine.

I also started back to school, again. The end is finally in sight! I am so excited! I am not sure I will know what to do with myself when I am no longer a student. I am really happy with my classes this semester. They should be really fun.

That is really all that has been going on... Oh, I had to get new tires. I hate buying stuff like that. I mean, I know I need them but, I could definitely think of thousands of other ways to spend that much money.

I hope ya'll have a great holiday weekend! In my mind, summer is now officially over. Technically, it's not. But, to me Labor Day has always been the end of summer. This is when the pools close, you put up the all white shoes and clothes and pull down the jackets. I love this time of year!

*Also, in "grow button" news, Ben has gained 4 pounds!!!


  1. YAY for Ben gainng 4 pounds. I saw him the other day, when I was up at TVBC, lined up with his class and he is just so cute with that BLONDE hair.
    As for date night you'll have to read that post today. It wasn't what we planned but maybe next time it will be better.

  2. I have been missing your updates. I am so happy about Ben's weight gain! He is so cute! And I hate buying things like tires too.

  3. Glad to hear that Ben is doing better and that Will is enjoying school!

    I also hate buying tires... and toilet paper, tissues, shampoo... haha!